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6 Ways to Save on Insulin Test Strips

6 Ways to Save on Insulin Test Strips

Managing your health is important to live long, healthy, and prosperous. For some folks this includes regular exercise, choosing healthy options over fast food, and going to the doctor on a yearly basis.

If you’re an individual who has diabetes, you know there’s additional care required to stay healthy. Along with watching what you eat, it’s important to test your blood sugar.

Many folks find they need to purchase insulin test strips and other forms of medical equipment in order to keep their health in check. When buying these items on a regular basis, how do you save money?

Learn about six different programs designed to help folks in your situation and how you can benefit from them.

1. Check for Assistance Programs in Your Area

Depending on your financial needs, there are certain assistance programs in place designed to help individuals in your situation. Some of these depend on your medical condition, income, and other needs related to your diabetic test strips purchases.

If you’re having trouble paying for your test strips an assistance program is well worth your time. Check around your community to see what options are out there.

Churches and government assistance centers can offer you an idea of where to look for help with your medical supplies. Find out if they can provide a list of places you can turn for assistance.

2. Join Your Drugstore’s Loyalty Program to Save on Insulin Test Strips

Many drugstores offer loyalty programs that allow you to save money on the products you purchase. Sometimes this is in the form of cash off the product itself.

In these cases, you add up points, and you’re able to earn points for all your purchases when you use a loyalty card. Other times, there’s special coupons or deals going on for the specific item you’re buying, in this case, your test strips.

Depending on where you live, you’ll find more than one drug store in the area. Choose to shop at one or several, since there’s nothing stopping you from signing up with more than one.

Check out the various program offers, and see which one appeals to you. Some have different requirements, so make sure you understand what you’ll need to do to earn points before signing up for anything.

3. Find Out About Organizations Designed to Help Individuals

This doesn’t fall under the same area of assistance as what you’d find in your state or county, but it still offers the same premise. Organizations created to help individuals with considerable medical costs because of a certain condition offer ways to make purchasing your supplies affordable.

These organizations are usually on a nation-wide level, so you can get help as long as you live in the United States. Make sure to read through the requirements.

Some organizations require that people make under a certain dollar amount to benefit, while others request that people not apply unless they’re a certain age. Be ready to present proof of your condition and financial need if asked.

Some of the well-known agencies that help with this include RX Outreach and Benefits Checkup. Find out what they look for before granting assistance, and see if this is a helpful way of saving money on your test strips.

4. Consider Switching to a Value Brand

Many people disregard value brands, believing them to act ineffectively since they don’t carry the same exact name as their counterparts. Off-brand is a lot better than most people realize and works just as well as its competitor.

Choosing a generic brand or value brand of your diabetic test strips offers you a chance to save money and get the same results you would when paying extra. If you choose to buy the store equivalent of what you’d purchase from a name brand, you’ll get more strips at a lower cost, saving you extra money.

If you normally make a point to purchase a brand name, see what store brand offers. You’ll likely get test strips that help you check your daily health while saving you money and lasting longer than a traditional, name brand company.

5. Find Out What Your Insurance Offers for Help

Check out your insurance benefits to find out what they offer to individuals with diabetes. Even if you have insurance such as Medicare, you’re sure to find deals or situations that allow you to save money.

Some insurance companies offer reimbursement or cover a certain amount of your supplies during a calendar year. Certain pharmacies offer patients special deals if they purchase their equipment from them.

That means you might get your test strips cheaper at Walgreens vs. CVS if you simply shop where your insurance offers assistance.

Take advantage of these deals whenever you can. By simply changing the location you go to, you’ll save money with less hassle, while still getting your testing strips.

6. Discover Deals for Medicare Patients

Medicare offers its own special deals for folks who have insurance through them. Review your insurance guidelines to find out if you can find alternative ways to save money or get reimbursed for your diabetic test strips with Medicare.

Sometimes you can save money if you use a mail-order pharmacy and have these supplies sent to your home. If you go this route, you’ll need to plan out when you’re ordering strips and ensure you always have plenty for testing.

While it might seem like extra work, it’s easier on your wallet than always running to the drugstore.

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If you’re diabetic, it’s important to always have insulin test strips on hand. By using these money-saving ideas you’ll put cash back in your wallet while getting what you need.

If you’re curious about how testing strips work, let us help. Check out our blog post on using expired testing strips and see if this is a way you can save money without endangering your health.