Our Story

QuickCash4TestStrips.com was founded to help diabetics and that’s exactly what we have done for 10 years.

And here’s a little about us and how QuickCash4DiabeticTestStrips.com came to be the LEADER in the diabetic test strips market.

Richard Spillman

Following his service in the United States Army during Vietnam where he was awarded multiple medals, including a Silver and two Bronze Stars, Richard continued his career of service as a court reporter in the Harris and Jefferson County Texas Courts until retiring in 2002.

For many years, Richard watched his sister struggle with her diabetes and the constant battles with insurance companies.  He noticed that she often had a surplus of diabetic test strips and wondered how he could get these boxes into the hands of people who might be uninsured or underinsured.  Although his sister passed away in 2010, Richard continued his mission and expanded beyond Texas in 2011.

Although retired and not necessarily looking for a full-time commitment, QuickCash4TestStrips.com has grown into a national provider and added team members along the way.

Even as QuickCash4TestStrips has grown, the mission has always stayed the same- buy unused boxes of diabetic test strips and get them into the hands of people who need them.

Don’t be surprised if Richard answers when you call us, he loves speaking with customers.

Sharon Erby

Sharon is the rocket fuel that keeps QuickCash4TestStrips.com moving forward.  She handles most of our customer calls and emails, as well as processing orders and payments.

Sharon knows the diabetic test strip business inside and out.  If you have a question, Sharon will know the right answer for you.

Justin Knight

The rockstar who manages our local test strip distribution business is Justin.  He maintains our relationships with the local diabetic community so we know where the need is and can react quickly with the inventory that customers sell us.

Questions? Call us at 800-979-8220 or email Richard directly at rws@quickcash4teststrips.com

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Feel free to contact a customer support representative if you have any questions about QuickCash4TestStrips.com or your order.

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