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We distribute your unused test strips at our cost to diabetics in our local area. Any excess test strips are sold by us outside of our local area at a price that’s 75-80% lower than retail.  With our program, everyone wins!

NEW – First time customers get a $25 bonus!!!
(Terms and conditions apply.  See FAQ section.)

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Why Use QuickCash4TestStrips?

QuickCash4TestStrips is your partner when you have diabetic test strips to sell.

Many people who contact us about selling diabetic test strips ask us if it’s legal to sell their unused test strips.  The simple answer is YES!!

There are lots of reasons that you might end up with full or open boxes of diabetic supplies.  Sometimes, your healthcare supplier will send you too many strips because they don’t want you to run out.  Completing your blood glucose test is incredibly important and they don’t want a lack of test strips to block your testing.

Or, perhaps they continued sending you boxes of test strips even though you are no longer doing any diabetes test.  An example of this would be pregnancy-induced blood sugar issues such as preeclampsia

Or, perhaps you’ve simply changed diabetic testing meters.  

And, because the boxes of supplies have been sent to you, they are yours. We’ve been buying diabetic test strips for over 10 years, helping customers like you to get the best price for your unused boxes of test strips while keeping the process simple and quick.

How it Works

The quickest way to sell your diabetic test strips is to use our calculator so that you know what your test strips are worth.

Assuming you are ready to move forward, complete the registration form and choose your preferred payment method, we will either:

  1. Email you a shipping label (within 24 hours)
  2. Send you a mailing kit that includes a box and label (the kit arrives in 2-7 days)


Then, load your boxes of unused diabetic test strips into a shipping box, attach the label and drop them off at the post office OR hand it to your postal carrier.

It will take a few days for us to receive your shipment.


Yes, selling diabetic test strips that are unused is perfectly legal.  People with acute or chronic diabetes often have boxes of unused and unexpired test strips and the alternative is to put them in the trash, which we think is a waste.

Your unused testing supplies can help people who otherwise might not be able to consistently monitor their blood sugar levels due to lack of insurance or other factors.

So, not only is it legal to sell diabetic test strips, it’s also a simple way to help others!

From our headquarters in Beaumont, Texas, we have been buying and selling diabetic test strips for over 10 years.  The shipping label that we send you has a U.S. government permit on it. This means that we have undergone a rigorous review process and passed.

The price you see in our calculator assumes that your diabetic test strips are in boxes with an expiration date at least a year from today and are free from damage.  Payment will be up to 50% less per box when the expiration date is sooner than one year from today or if the boxes arrive with damage, dents, creases, cuts or other damage. Due to the difficulty of reselling damaged and/or short dated test strips, payment for those type strips may take longer than for mint condition products, depending on market conditions.

ALSO, it’s very important that you don’t try to remove the pharmacy label from any box.  You are welcome to cover any personal information on the label with a black or dark pen or marker, but please don’t try to remove the label.

New customer bonus payment of $25 is applicable only to customers who have never done business with Quickcash4teststrips at any time in the past. The bonus payment will only be added to qualified shipments containing at least $150, and boxes that are closed, sealed and not expired.

We welcome customer inquiries about their shipment and payment; however, only to a reasonable extent and if they are of a civil nature.  For inquiries that are determined to have become abusive in either nature and/or number, we will charge $50 per hour for excessive time spent on dealing with such inquiries and that charge will be deducted from the original amount due.

Like any business with a very large customer base (ours is 20,000+), we are entitled to a reasonable payment processing time. Depending on fluctuations in our level of staffing due to COVID or other factors, that time may be up to 30 days for products dated 1 year+ and mint condition, and may be longer for short-dated and/or damaged products.

We highly recommend that customers do not use their bank’s mobile app or an ATM to deposit checks that we send.  Those type deposits are highly insecure, are a major source of fraud, and therefore many banks’ automated security systems will reject our check even though it is perfectly good.  Please take our check to your local bank or a reputable check-cashing place in person in order to cash it or deposit it.

Please use the mailing label that we send to you when you request a free mailing kit when you send your test strips to us.  That label has our office address on it.  We discourage the sending of shipments directly by customers without using our mailing label; however, if you do so, DO NOT send shipments to the Ridgeland Avenue residential address of the owner.  Postal carriers place packages in unsecure locations there and we take no responsibility and accept no liability for shipments sent to that Ridgeland address.  Please only send shipments to our 2305 North Street business address.

Our #1 goal is to receive unused diabetic test strips from people who no longer need them and to provide them to people who do.  In many cases, we are able to get the strips into the hands of people who can use them, but might be uninsured or underinsured.

In our local Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas area, we sell the strips at cost to help out our local residents who can’t afford the high retail prices of the diabetic supplies.

Outside of our local area, we sell the diabetic test strips for 75-80% BELOW retail price

If you request a mailing kit from us and send in your boxes of strips, it will typically take 5-7 days for us to receive your strips.  It takes about the same time if you request that we email you a U.S. Postal Service label.

If you request a UPS label from us, it will take 3-4 days for your diabetic test strips to get to us.  Please note that UPS service is not available in all areas.

Payments are made in the order shipments are received. After receipt and verification of shipments, payments are placed in line for processing. Payment options are check by First Class Mail or Paypal.

You can view an updated list of the diabetic test strips that we buy here.  The box of strips must be sealed. The minimum expiration date that we can buy is 6 months from today.

We do not buy expired or open boxes.  We charge a $20 return fee if you send us any of these.  Click Here To Sell Your Test Strips NOW!

We only buy unused boxes of diabetic test strips.  We do not buy lancets or other supplies.

Yes, we do.  Please do NOT attempt to remove pharmacy labels as this will damage the boxes. You are welcome to cover any personal information on the pharmacy label with a black magic marker or Sharpie. We have a special process for removing the pharmacy labels.

Unfortunately, we sometimes receive diabetic test strips that are brands we cannot buy or in boxes that are expired or open.

Once we receive and verify your shipment, your payment is placed in line for processing.


We offer a $25 referral bonus to customers who refer friends and family to us.  To receive the bonus, the following conditions apply:

(1) Orders by the referral customer must meet our minimum standards for a qualifying order:

  1. Quantity: Their order must include at least 2 boxes of 50 or 1 box of 100.
  2. They must have a brand that we buy:

Accu-chek Aviva, Accu-check Compact, Freestyle, Freestyle Lite, Insulinx, One Touch Ultra, Verio, Smartview, Contour (boxes of 100 only, no 50’s) and Contour Next (boxes of 100 only, no 50’s). No other brands will qualify for the payment of the referral bonus.

(2) The referral customer must return the mailing kit we will send to them, along with their test strips, within 30 days of contacting us.

(3) Referring customer agrees that they will not be paid the $25 bonus until the person they referred to us has sent us their test strips and they have been received and verified as a qualifying order.

(4) The referral and referring parties must not reside at the same physical address.

(5) The referral customer must not have previously sold test strips to us.

(6) Quickcash4teststrips.com reserves the right to terminate this referral bonus offer at any time, for any reason.

Our company is located approximately 90 miles east of Houston in Beaumont, Texas.  See the About Us page to learn more about us.

If you have any other questions about QuickCash4TestStrips.com or about selling your test strips, feel free to call us toll-free at (800) 766-9122 and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Or, you can email us at rws@quickcash4teststrips.com

Test Strips Calculator


How many Accu-Check Compact boxes do you have?

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How many Contour NEXT boxes do you have?

How many Freestyle Lite boxes do you have?

How many One Touch Ultra boxes do you have?

How many Smartview boxes do you have?

How many Verio Green & White (no DME) boxes do you have?

* Note: our minimum order quantity is 300 test strips.

Sorry, we currently accept only sealed boxes.
Sorry, we cannot accept expired strips.

Please enter your contact information to receive your payment.

* Note: our minimum order quantity is 200 test strips.

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