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How to Make Extra Cash For Test Strips

Are you interested in making some extra money? Do you have some extra unused unexpired test strips? Read here to learn how to make extra cash for test strips.

Do you have diabetes and use test strips? Do you have unused test strips leftover and aren’t sure what to do with them? Are you interested in making some extra money? Then learn how to make extra cash for test strips!

Here’s How:

Is Receiving Cash for Test Strips Legal?

Yes, it is! Right now over 29 million people currently have diabetes. It’s currently the 7th leading cause of death in the US. Possibly up to half the population suffers from undiagnosed diabetes or is pre-diabetic. Not all of them have health insurance or money to help them manage their disease. As someone struggling with diabetes, you understand how frustrating managing your disease is. You also know how expensive it can be. What you may not realize is that anything you buy over-the-counter at a drug store or pharmacy, even if it’s a prescription, is perfectly legal for you to sell.

Please note that you cannot legally sell your strips if you obtained them through Medicaid or Medicare. Selling anything bought for by the government is illegal.

Why Would I Have Leftover Strips to Sell?

It seems as though you’d want to use all your strips, but there are certain circumstances that can leave you with unused boxes.

Here are the most common reasons for having extra strips:

  • Diabetes isn’t the Same For Everyone: Some may need to measure their glucose levels more often than others.
  • Your Diabetes Goes Away: While not often the case, in certain circumstances like gestational diabetes, the issue goes away after childbirth.
  • You Switch Your Health Insurance: Not all policies are the same and it often means you’ll receive a different amount of test strips.
  • You Changed Machines: Sometimes a new machine is required which means needing a new type of strips.
  • A Family Member with Diabetes Passes: Since none of us live forever, often there are extras after a diabetic person dies.

How Does the Process Work?

Of course, there is a certain criterion for which strips we can take. To ensure that your strips are always in good shape (whether you choose to sell them or not):

  • Always keep strips away from extreme temperatures
  • Keep the lid tightly closed to avoid exposure to debris and moisture.

When you’re ready to send them to us, please inspect for the following prior to sending them to us:

  • All strips must be less than 6 months old
  • No damaged or expired boxes
  • Boxes must be closed and sealed
  • Only certain brands are accepted

Strips sent to us that do not meet the above criterion may not receive full payment and/or will be outright rejected. Those boxes of strips that are rejected will be sent back to you. There will also be a $20 charge for returning your strips.

Once we receive your extra boxes of strips we:

  • Inspect them to ensure they are still in good shape
  • Once approved we pay by check or PayPal. If you choose a check, it will take 1-3 business days to receive it.
  • PayPal payments are received the same day.

Depending upon how you choose to send in the test strips, it can take anywhere from 1-7 business days to receive payment.

Why Should I Choose QuickCashforSTrips.com?

Although selling your diabetic test strips is legal, that doesn’t mean every company out there is legitimate. In fact, some of them aren’t very ethical. They don’t adhere to certain standards. Not all of them are registered with the FDA. We are. While obtaining and maintaining a US government permit is rigorous, we felt it was imperative to build an ethical business with a solid reputation. That’s how we’ve stayed in business for over 7 years with an excellent seller satisfaction record.

We think it’s so important to show that we’re legitimate that every kit we send out features a US government permit label on it.

Are There a Lot of Steps?

No. In fact, this process is super easy. There are only 4 steps:

  1. Let us at QuickCash4TestStrips.com know how many boxes you have. This way we know how large of a pre-paid box to send you.
  2. We mail you that postage paid box. Once it arrives simply place all your boxes inside and mail them back to us.
  3. We pay you. Once the boxes are verified that they have not expired and all the boxes are in condition, you’ll be paid!
  4. Choose Payment. Payments made by PayPal will be processed the same day. You can also choose to be paid via check. Amounts of $75 will take 3 days to arrive. Amounts under $75 may take longer as it will be subject to US Priority Mail.

Don’t have a PayPal account but want your money more quickly? Click here.

How Much Can I Make Selling My Diabetic Test Strips?

We make our determination based on 3 criteria:

  • Brand
  • Amount of Strips in Box
  • Number of Boxes

So say you have 1 box of Accu-check Aviva Plus with 50 strips in them sitting at home. That’s $16 you’ve just put in your pocket. What’s even more amazing is our referral program. For every person you bring in who sells their strips to our company, we’re happy to pay you $25 for that referral!

Just our way of thanking you for spreading the good news.

What Happens to My Strips?

The owner of QuickCash4TestStrips.com, Dick Spillman, had a sister who suffered from diabetes. He saw what she struggled with. So he’s passionate about ensuring that everyone, no matter what their circumstances have the ability to properly care for their diabetes. Since we’re located in Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas, we love to reach out to our own community. We offer the locals a break and sell the test strips to them at cost or for free. But we knew there were more people who could benefit from these strips.

So for those outside of the Beaumont-Port Arthur area, we sell our strips at a heavily discounted price that’s usually 75-80% below retail prices. That adds up to some big savings for some people and a good chunk of change for others. So now you’ve done the research. You’ve concluded that you’re ready to make some money by recycling an item that others can greatly benefit from.

You’ve also realized you’ve found the right company to help you safely sell diabetic test strips. We’ll even help you calculate how much money you can earn selling to us…before you send it to us!

The next step is to contact us.