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How To Save Money On Your Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetic test strips can be extremely expensive. Are you looking to save money? Read here to learn how to save money on your diabetic test strips.

healthcare costs

The cost of diabetes care is a high one. Whether it’s doctors visits, insulin injections or diabetic test strips, there’s just no way around this. In fact, the cost of caring for diabetes worldwide as of 2014, reached $825 billion per year. For many people with diabetes, diabetic test strips are an important part of monitoring the glucose levels in their blood. But these strips also come at cost. Often anywhere from 40 cents per strip to over $1, depending on the brand or type you choose.

With all the other costs associated with diabetes, how can you save money on your diabetic test strips?

Sell Test Strips

One way to save on these costs is to sell your test strips! Selling your unused test strips can help other people suffering from diabetes by saving them money on the high cost of care too. Diabetic test strips are often sold over-the-counter without a prescription, which means you can sell yours as a way to save you some money. Have some unused strips and thinking of throwing them away? Don’t! We’ve been sending people cash for test strips for seven years now. Besides receiving some cash back on these strips, you’ll also feel good about helping someone else who’s also battling this disease.

Our company is based in Beaumont, Texas and uses these strips to assist diabetics who are facing challenges with these costs of care. Within a 25-mile radius of the Beaumont-Port Arthur metropolitan area in Texas, we sell diabetic test strips at cost or give them away for free. Outside of the area, we resell them at 75-80% less than their retail price.

Find a Prescription Assistance Program

Are you an uninsured or low-income individual with diabetes? Pharmaceutical companies often have prescription assistance programs in place to help people just like you obtain what they need to care for this disease. Ask your doctor about these programs or reach out to your test strip company to learn more.  The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a free service that helps you find the program that fits your specific needs. Don’t miss an opportunity to save some money on costly test strips through these programs.

Speak to Your Insurer

If you have health insurance, there may be a way for you to save on the costs of test strips by speaking with your insurer. Generally speaking, flexible spending accounts (FSA) or health reimbursement accounts (HRA) are two insurance tools that take pre-tax dollars from your paycheck and put them into an account for you to use on certain purchases. Call your insurer and ask them if you are able to purchase diabetic test strips with the cash in your FSA or HRA’s. If you can buy them with those accounts, it can help you save some money!

Buy Your Test Strips Online

Online shopping isn’t just for good deals on clothing and electronics! It can also be a good way to find diabetic test strips at a lower cost than what you would pay in a traditional brick and mortar store. But remember, like everything else you buy online, be sure to purchase your test strips from a reputable website. Test strip prices that are “too good to be true” may be just that.

Ensure the test strips you are purchasing are not out of date, as this is important in order for them to give you an accurate reading during use.

Buy in Bulk

Do you buy groceries or household items in bulk in order to save money? Try buying your diabetic test strips that way too. You can save on test strips by buying larger quantities at a time, but with one caveat. Be sure that you have a realistic expectation of how many test strips you will be using in a given timeframe. If you buy too many at a time, you risk letting them expire or miss out on the opportunity to use them or sell them for cash towards future expenses.


Coupons aren’t limited to just cutting costs on food or hygiene products! Look for opportunities to save on test strips by finding coupons for specific brands you like. Places to look for these include a company’s website or diabetic publications. It’s also worth asking your pharmacist if they have any coupons that will help you cut down some of the costs of your favorite brand.

After all, anything you are saving on the cost of diabetic test strips is money you are keeping in your pocket!

Free Samples

Have you ever been to the dentist and been given a free toothbrush or toothpaste? Chances are, if you go to a dentist regularly you’ve gotten your fair share of freebies over the years. Talk to your treating doctor about diabetic test strips to see if he has any free samples for different brands. If you are able to score some free strips, this is money you save for other costs associated with treating diabetes. Free samples also give you the added benefit of trying a new brand that may you like more than the one you are currently using.

Save Money Now on Diabetic Test Strips

With the high costs associated with caring for diabetes, taking advantage of these money saving tips on diabetic test strips is a must. If you decide to sell test strips, the benefits are two-fold. You are getting some money back on them while also knowing you are helping out someone else that has the disease. Other ways to save money on your test strips are to speak with your doctor about free samples or prescription assistance programs or reach out directly to your insurer about using pre-tax dollars to buy them. Consider buying test strips in bulk and looking for coupons as a cost-cutting measure for the needs associated with your diabetic care.

Diabetes can be expensive, but there are ways for you to help cut down on these costs. You won’t let this disease define you or your loved ones, so don’t let the costs associated with treating it do that either!